‘I’m Thinking I’m Back’

It’s been almost exactly a year since I published an article here on Score Zags Score.

That mostly stems from getting an incredible opportunity to co-host the Locked on College Basketball podcast, which launched on November 6, 2022 and in one season became one of the top five most listened to college basketball podcasts in the country – thanks in part to many of you (and my awesome co-host Isaac Schade).

The new podcast, along with daily episodes of Locked on Zags, kept me very busy last winter – especially after I quit my ‘day job’ in January and started writing content for Locked On and their parent company, TEGNA, over the past ten months.

But I miss writing about Gonzaga, and while I’ve been fortunate to get some opportunities to write Zag pieces to publish at KREM (I’ll shamelessly link a recent one here) it wasn’t quite scratching that itch. So I’m back.

One of the reasons I stopped in the first place is my desire to go 110% into everything I do. I felt if I couldn’t cover everything, I shouldn’t do it at all. And that’s a mentality that – while it has helped me succeed in my career – can cause a lot of stress and anxiety and frequently results in burnout. But I’m hoping to turn the tide this season and write when I can, about what I want, without worrying that my one-man blog isn’t covering every single detail of Gonzaga basketball. That’s what Locked on Zags is for, right?

Another reason, and I won’t go into a ton of detail here, is that the Gonzaga blog/content sphere feels a little underwhelming right now. I have been asked by listeners about writing more about this team, and as someone with over 4,000 published articles on the internet to date, at outlets like USA TODAY, Sports Illustrated, SB Nation, FanSided, MSN, and more, I want to provide another place for Zag fans to plug into.

So here we are, back again with a little under a month until Mark Few’s team tips off the season against Yale on November 10. We’ll discuss the upcoming men’s and women’s seasons, update you all on the many Zags in the NBA, some Zag baseball, soccer, track and field, and other sport updates, and of course conference realignment, general college basketball and WCC news, and more.

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