Chet Holmgren and Paolo Banchero team up to posts ridiculous line in The Crawsover pro-am on Saturday

Basketball junkies have seen their options for watching the sport they love in the dead summer months increase significantly in the past few years.

First it was The Basketball Tournament (TBT) which is just about a decade old at this point, featuring the famous Elam Ending and tons of former college and NBA players vying for a shot at a million dollar prize.

Since then we have seen many other tournament events crop up, including the Drew League and local area pro-am events like The Crawsover, a Seattle-based event hosted by Jamal Crawford and played at Seattle Pacific University.

This year the group of participants was as good as it has ever been, with Crawford and Nate Robinson getting joined by current NBA stars like Trae Young, DeJounte Murray, Jaden McDaniels, Malachi Flynn, and John Collins on the hardwood.

The biggest prize was the inclusion of Paolo Banchero and Chet Holmgren, the NBA’s No. 1 and No. 2 overall draft picks and two players with connections to the state of Washington: Paolo is from O’Dea High School in downtown Seattle while Holmgren of course played at Gonzaga last season.

The pair faced off once in college, a game Duke won by a fair margin, but didn’t get a chance for a rematch in summer league when Orlando held Banchero out against Oklahoma City to prevent injury.

While many fans were looking forward to another chance for the duo to go at each other, it was arguably even more fun to see them as teammates – especially since they combined for 84(!) points and 23 rebounds and countless highlights, like the ones below:

Holmgren and Oklahoma City will tip-off in a few months, but at least fans who miss watching the unicorn in action have some highlights from Saturday’s game to tide them over.

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