Chet Holmgren defends Mark Few, Drew Timme after dominant summer league performance

One of the many elements of Chet Holmgren’s draw as a budding superstar is his humility. While he’s not a particularly active tweeter on a day-to-day basis, he often uses social media as a way to humble himself, give credit to others, and occasionally stomp out haters – especially if they are trash talking his teammates or coaches.

After Holmgren exploded for 23 points, seven boards, and six blocks on 7-9 shooting in his NBA summer league debut on Tuesday, folks came out of the woodwork to bash on Mark Few and Drew Timme.

The basis for this vitriol was Chet’s performance in isolation – he often took guys one on one to the basket, hit pull-up threes in the faces of 7’6 players, and generally looked like a player who could easily be the featured No. 1 option on any basketball team.

But, as Zag fans know, Holmgren was rarely the top option in Spokane last year thanks to the presence of All-American Drew Timme.

When fans began to challenge coach Few’s decision to run the offense through Timme, Chet took issue with it and didn’t hide his thoughts:

Holmgren has always been one to defend his teammates, often bringing them in for postgame interviews to help highlight how everyone helped the team secure a victory.

That selflessness, along with his ability to take over when necessary, should make him a big time contributor right away in the NBA – and could easily lead to stardom in short order.

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