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Hi everyone, my name is Andy Patton I am the current host of the Locked on Zags podcast. Some of you know me from that, some of you know me from Twitter (@ScoreZagsScore) and some of you maybe know me from my first podcast about Gonzaga, which was called (you guessed it) Score Zags Score.

I gave up the podcast when I took over from the great Steven Karr to host Locked on Zags back in October, and while it has been an incredibly fun, challenging, exciting, exhausting, and emotionally overwhelming journey, I have always felt a twinge of sadness at giving up the brand I created myself in Score Zags Score.

That twinge also coincided with the feeling that I can/should be doing more than just podcasting about Gonzaga – which may sound insane to those of you who listen to the podcast on a daily basis. Which, if you do, seriously thank you so much. It means the world to me.

But I began my foray into the sports media world as a writer back in 2017, covering the Seattle Seahawks for four seasons while making multiple stops along the way, writing about fantasy baseball (PitcherList, RotoBaller) as well as college basketball (Busting Brackets) and college sports in general at Trojans Wire and currently at Ducks Wire.

But I want to write about Gonzaga. And that desire and that passion, mixed with the lingering sadness of moving on from a brand I created, helped me realize what I needed to do: create my own site dedicated to all things Gonzaga athletics.

This gives me a space to write about Gonzaga how I see fit. No word counts, no editorial guidelines (although I’m a perfectionist so in some ways there are strict editorial guidelines) and no need to shoot for exact numbers of articles, or page views, or slideshows, or any of the not-so-fun stuff that comes along with writing for a specific publication.

That’s not to speak negatively of the sites I have written at previously, or about the many excellent Gonzaga content creators that currently exist, but just to say that I’m excited to get back to having an opportunity to do things my way – with input and feedback from all of you of course.

So check out the site, click on the articles you’re interested in, provide feedback by commenting or reaching out to me directly on any social media platform. And if you haven’t yet, check out the Locked on Zags podcast on any podcast provider or on YouTube – or on the many links scattered throughout this website.

And finally, creating daily Gonzaga content in audio and video format is a labor of love, but it is quite a bit of labor. I don’t intend to have ads on the site and every piece of content you see on here will be free to read, but I do ask that you consider (if you can) becoming a subscriber to my Patreon. Higher tiers will unlock bonuses for those who subscribe, including getting to vote on future pieces and getting a weekly newsletter from yours truly.

Thank you all, sincerely, for reading/listening/subscribing to this site and to Locked on Zags. It means the world.


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